How to Get $VENOM Token Airdrop?

Venom is a scalable blockchain result that’s designed to meet the requirements of real- world operations. Its unique armature and technology enable Venom to give a high position of performance and security, making it an ideal platform for decentralized operations.

There are Different Criteria to get venom airdrop with Venom network testnet interaction. Here are guide by top user who are continually doing venom task.

Here is step to step guide to get Venom Airdrop.

1-Create Venom Wallet and install Chrome extension.

Search Venom Network Testnet, and install a Venom Wallet extension (You can download from here – download link). Pin the venom wallet into your chrome wallet.

2-You can use your Twitter account to connect and get your Venom wallet to claim 50 testnet $VENOM tokens.

Claim Testnet $VENOM Tokens via above task and now you can move to another task.

3-Go to the Task page mentions in the website, and connect with your Venom Wallet.

4-You can now also claim some more testnet tokens by doing other tasks on the Faucet page. You will doing some task to get more venom token that are usable for other task.

5-Follow Venom Foundation’s Social Channels and telegram account and twitter account by clicking completing task. After completing task, you will mint NFT.

6-Send $VENOM to Venom Wallet

Send minimum 1 VENOM token to given address 077873f1453fa67b0f1ce77f1e806675acd19c4694b9738be61fd406618f2f7a.

7-Wrap $VENOM tokens to Wvenom

Go to  the Swap page and click on VENOM and WVENOM tokens and click “Wrap VENOM” and done the transaction.


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